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A story of growth, redemption, and second chances. A woman struggling with addiction is forced to attend a rehab program on an isolated island. With no connection to the outside world for 45 days, she has two choices: get clean or lose everything.

Dave Taylor, a phenomenally successful San Francisco surgeon, finds his life shattered after a surgery on a local billionaire goes terribly wrong, leaving the man paralyzed. Confronted with the fallout, Dave seeks solace in his family, but instead faces a night of confrontation and turmoil with his wife, Gwen, and their teenage children, Roan and Rachel. The looming presence of Marius, his intimidating father-in-law, adds another layer of pressure, especially given Marius's political ambitions. As Dave grapples with his own shortcomings and insecurities, he can't shake the feeling that his efforts for Marius's family are never enough.

Awakening in a stark white room, Dave is thrust into a nightmare. Informed by a clinical figure named Mackey that he's committed unspeakable acts in a fugue state, Dave struggles to reconcile this horrifying reality with the man he knows himself to be. Only a compassionate nurse named Ellen offers him any semblance of comfort, urging him to "trust in dreams" as he pieces together his fragmented memories.

Haunted by glimpses of a clandestine affair with his colleague, Suzanne, Dave begins to suspect that she holds the key to the truth behind his family's tragedy. With the arrival of a young lawyer, Rob Ensler, who fervently believes in Dave's innocence, hope flickers dimly. Yet, Dave's days in the hospital become a grueling ordeal of psychological torment, as Mackey and his cohorts subject him to cruel punishments for every fragment of truth he uncovers.

Through sheer determination and resourcefulness, Dave manages to escape with Suzanne's help, only to find himself thrust into a high-stakes game of survival. Pursued by mysterious figures and plagued by doubts, Dave's quest for answers leads him to a chilling revelation: Marius orchestrated the entire ordeal to test his loyalty. Forced to confront an impossible choice between his family and his lover, Dave's descent into moral ambiguity reaches a devastating climax.

Returning to the semblance of normalcy, Dave grapples with the weight of his decisions, haunted by the sacrifices made in the pursuit of power. As Marius ascends to the highest echelons of political power, Dave's own trajectory sees him propelled into the political arena, forever changed by the harrowing journey that led him there. Despite outward success, Dave's soul bears the scars of betrayal and compromise, a cautionary tale of the moral compromises made in the pursuit of ambition.

CASEY, a young woman living recklessly on drugs and alcohol, wakes up one day in a secluded cabin on an island. Panic quickly turns to rage when she discovers her mother has enrolled her in an unconventional rehab program run by a man named JACK, who started the program after losing his son to addiction. Desperate to escape, Casey tries everything to get Jack to bring her back to civilization, but he explains that no one gets on or off the island except by way of pontoon plane, which won't be back for 45 days. 


This sends Casey spiraling into despair and resentment, as she is forced to face the tribulations of withdrawal and recovery. As the days pass, the two form a tumultuous friendship, and Casey gradually begins to confront her demons. Throughout the 45 days, she relives various moments from her life of debauchery and recklessness, only to discover that it has been a hollow experience up to this point.  With Jack’s guidance, she embraces change, forging an unexpected bond in the process.



A disheveled and troubled young woman, about 32-years-old. She is ill and edgy as she experiences withdrawal.

Sydney Sweeney



Lightly bearded, about 45-years-old. He is a man of few words; serene, stoic, and measured.

Emma Stone

Florence Pugh

Carey Mulligan

Chris Pine

Bradley Cooper

Jake Gyllenhaal

Zac Efron


Casey's ex-boyfriend and a cartel member. Mid-30s, intimidating but suave and attractive, he walks with a swagger.

Xolo Maridueña

Julio Macias

Manny Montana

Aaron Dominguez


A GOOD PERSONTRAINSPOTTINGRACHEL GETTING MARRIED, and the TV show CALIFORNICATION each delve into the gritty realities of substance abuse and the profound consequences it has on the lives of the characters involved. Across these narratives, addiction serves as a central theme, driving the plot forward and shaping the experiences of the protagonists.

In A GOOD PERSON, addiction is portrayed as a means of escapism for the protagonist, who grapples with personal trauma and emotional turmoil. As they navigate the challenges of substance abuse, they are confronted with the devastating repercussions of their addiction on their relationships and overall well-being. The film explores themes of guilt, redemption, and the struggle for self-acceptance as the protagonist confronts the destructive cycle of addiction and seeks a path towards recovery.

Similarly, TRAINSPOTTING offers a raw and unfiltered portrayal of heroin addiction among a group of young adults in Edinburgh. The film vividly captures the highs and lows of drug dependency, highlighting the exhilarating rush of euphoria contrasted with the crushing despair of withdrawal. Through its candid depiction of addiction, "Trainspotting" explores themes of alienation, disillusionment, and the desperate quest for meaning in a life consumed by substance abuse.

In RACHEL GETTING MARRIED, addiction serves as a catalyst for familial conflict and emotional turmoil within the context of a wedding celebration. The protagonist, Kym, grapples with the demons of her past as she struggles with substance abuse and its impact on her relationships with her family members. The film poignantly examines the complexities of addiction, forgiveness, and the enduring bonds of family as Kym confronts the consequences of her addiction and seeks reconciliation with her loved ones.

CALIFORNICATION delves into the tumultuous life of Hank Moody, a troubled writer battling addiction and self-destructive tendencies. Throughout the series, Hank's substance abuse serves as a constant source of turmoil and instability, undermining his relationships and creative endeavors. As he grapples with the consequences of his addiction, "Californication" offers a candid portrayal of the cyclical nature of substance abuse and the elusive pursuit of redemption in the face of temptation.


Although BRADLEY COOPER is known for his Academy Award nominated roles in films such as Silver Linings Playbook (2012), American Hustle (2013), and American Sniper (2014), he has also received critical acclaim for his directorial work in recent years.

A nine-time Oscar nominee, Grammy winner, and Tony nominee, Cooper’s directorial debut A Star Is Born -- which he co-wrote, produced, starred and directed -- garnered 8 Oscar nominations. He has since produced the thrillers Joker (2019) and Nightmare Alley (2021).


Following the success of his producorial work, Cooper started his production company Lea Pictures in 2020, which includes his critically acclaimed film Maestro.

Maestro received seven Academy Award nominations, including Best Motion Picture and Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for Cooper.

ZACH BRAFF is best-known for his role as John Michael "J.D." Dorian on the NBC/ABC television series Scrubs (2001–2010), for which he was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series in 2005 as well as for three Golden Globe Awards from 2005 to 2007.

Braff made his directorial debut with Garden State in which he also starred. Additionally, he wrote the screenplay and compiled the soundtrack album. He won numerous awards for his directing work and also won the Grammy Award for Best Soundtrack Album in 2005.

In 2021, Braff was nominated for a Directors Guild of America Award for directing the Apple TV+ comedy show Ted Lasso. Braff wrote, directed, and produced the drama film A Good Person starring Morgan Freeman and Florence Pugh, which was released in 2023.

PETER HEDGES is an American novelistplaywrightscreenwriterfilm director and film producer. Hedges' novel What's Eating Gilbert Grape was adapted into a critically acclaimed movie of the same title, for which he wrote the screenplay, launching his film career.

In 2002, he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for About a Boy, alongside Chris and Paul Weitz. In the same year, he wrote and directed Pieces of April, starring Katie Holmes, which he dedicated to his mother.

He wrote and directed The Odd Life of Timothy Green (2012), a film conceived by Ahmet Zappa, produced by Zappa and Scott Sanders, and released by Walt Disney Pictures.


In 2018, he wrote and directed the drama Ben Is Back, a story about drug addiction which starred his son Lucas Hedges and Julia Roberts.


Michael Pollack has held leadership positions for more than 35 years in the legal, financial, and entertainment industries. Michael is the founder and former President of a litigation support firm that is today part of an international group of companies. He has held directorship positions for more than a dozen financial institutions that are both private and publicly held. Specializing for decades in M&A and Turnaround Management, he has spearheaded tens of billions of dollars of financing in commercial real estate, business, and entertainment-related transactions. Stage and screen projects in which Michael has played an integral role in financing and/or producing have grossed more than $2 billion at the box office​.



Jean-François Cavelier, originally from Paris, France, has over 33 years of experience in the combination of international Film and TV Sales/Distribution and Production. He was the Domestic and International Distribution Consultant for Comerica Bank (Los Angeles), Liberty International (Los Angeles), Pueblo (Geneva, Switzerland), and Syrena (Warsaw, Poland) on the financing side and held various Executive positions for worldwide film and television distribution companies in Hollywood before consulting with several clients both in the US, Latin America, France, and China. Cavelier has handled world sales of countless titles, active in the acquisition and distribution of media content in Mainland China and Latin America as well as in the distribution of Hollywood content to the global markets.

Cavelier turned his full attention to production in 2017, co-producing Jean-Michel Cousteau's "Wonders of the Sea", a feature documentary narrated by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He also acted as a Producer for "Air Strike," the biggest budget feature film ever produced in China, negotiating the hiring of Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson. In 2020, Cavelier co-founded a production outfit in Los Angeles with his producing partner Ghizlane S. Morlot called Countess Films, which focuses primarily on feature film projects that allow for women’s voices to be heard while creating opportunities to tell more inclusive stories. Shortly thereafter, Countess Films entered into a producing agreement with production and distribution company Pollack Films.


Lauren’s background in Research & Development and corporate finance in the private sector has brought great success to the firms that she has managed. For over twenty-five years, with a keen eye on the expense side of business, her skillset has guided every business in which she has been involved to grow exponentially while simultaneously controlling costs at every level. Lauren’s small-town Midwest roots provide a grounded and “salt of the earth” perspective for Pollack Films, which is her first venture into the world of entertainment. She has nonetheless taken a headfirst approach to reading each and every screenplay, book, and treatment under consideration by Pollack Films and she does not hesitate to share both her insights and opinions.


Bob Carson has published over 1,000 articles in his personal 4H Club of Horses, Humor, History, and Hardball. His work has appeared in TROT Magazine, Hoof Beats Magazine, mental floss, Harness Racing Update, and as a columnist for the USTA website (Outside the Box) and Timelines (Ohio Historical). Bob has won the Hervey Award, Ohio Writers Short Story Award for Creative Fiction, and an International Media Award, along with publishing Minor Trips (Minor League Baseball Newsletter) for over twenty years. In addition to his freelance writing, he published a comic novel (The Voyage of Mess), a historical fiction novel (Searching for Hooker), a play (Out of the Woods), and a documentary baseball film (Touching Home). He is working on a novel about rare book collecting in the 1920s.


Simon holds a degree in philosophy and aesthetics from the University of Chicago, and was an art director and fashion photographer at the New York fashion advertising agency that he co-owned for 8 years. Simon was co-producer on the recent film SIX DANCE LESSONS IN SIX WEEKS. Simon is also an actor who has appeared in such shows as GOSSIP GIRL, VAMPIRE DIARIES, and CSI: MIAMI.


Hilary was an overachiever from the beginning. She was a straight “A” student and the fastest swimmer in the country for her age group, until the age of 14, when she took her first sip of alcohol. From that moment, she was hooked and spent the next 15-years drinking, and feeling empty, lost, and hopeless.


At 29, Hilary checked herself into rehab for substance use disorder. It wasn’t just about putting down the drink, but about changing people, places and things in her life that ultimately caused her to use in the first place. Hilary kept her recovery and sobriety quiet until recently when she celebrated 15-years of continuous sobriety in June 2022. It was then she realized “we’re only as sick as our secrets” and to decrease the stigma around substance use disorder, shared her story on “The Payoff with Pete,” a podcast at the intersection of sports and addiction. One podcast turned into a dozen and Hilary’s story of recovery was highlighted in a 2-part series on addiction recovery on WBAL. It was then she realized her mission and purpose wasn’t to stay quiet, but to help those healing in private keep going, by sharing her recovery and healing journey out loud.


Hilary is a speaker, an addiction recovery advocate, writer, and holistic wellness coach. Her mission and purpose is to help other women find their voice and heal from anything that is holding them back from finding their purpose. Hilary lives in Arlington, Virginia with her son, Alexander.

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